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We Help Keep You Parks, Community, and Commercial Areas Clean of Pet Waste.

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Let's Us Keep Your Community Clean

Not everyone in your community has a dog, yet it’s a problem every person in your community shares. Managing pet waste is a problem shared by everyone.

The average dog does his business once or twice a day. Only one dog equals 7 – 14 piles a week, 28 – 46 piles a month, and 365 – 730 piles a year. Now imagine how many dogs you have in your community. Furthermore, many owners don’t clean up after their pets, especially in those colder months.

Controlling dog poop in communities is the number one topic of discussion at community board meetings across the country, so your community is not alone. Dogs don’t pick up after themselves, and sometimes owners don’t either, and that’s where we come in.

Backyard Pooper Scooper is the recognized industry leader in managing pet waste for communities, home-owners associations, apartments, and condominiums. No matter what your pet waste problem is, we have a clean and affordable solution


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